My Letter to You My Letter to You

Everything starts with a Dream.

DreamWise is the fruition of a dream I’ve carried in my heart since I can remember.

A passion for Meditation and for People—
People from different walks of life,
From all cultures and backgrounds,
All eye shapes and skin colors.

DreamWise started long ago, with a pilgrimage to find answers to my wonders—
To find hope where I felt hopeless.
To reconnect with joy when the pain was unbearable.
To give me a sense of purpose and belonging.

As I found answers, I have shared them—
To help other people heal and have a joyful life.

So much has happened since I began my journey—
So many obstacles to overcome.
So many reasons to give up.

One thing was always clear:
Giving up on DreamWise meant giving up on myself.

Not only is this my Dream—
This is my Passion.

Now the time has come!
Welcome to the DreamWise universe.

It is a place for us to meet—
Where you and I can talk openly and kindly
About happiness and sadness,
Grief and anxiety,
And all life’s sweetness and struggles.

It is a place where you can feel that you count,
Where you can be who you are.

It is your haven—
Come here anytime
You need a companion for your journey.

DreamWise is the place where I share my experiences.
Please—join me on this extraordinary journey of discovery, love, peace, and fulfillment.
Where you can embrace Life and thrive.

Welcome to DreamWise!
See you soon.